Join us on Thursday afternoons 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. at the Bellingham Senior Activity Center for friendly social English Country Dance (ECD).
People of any age may join us for dancing.

What is English Country Dancing?
English Country Dancing is social, community dancing. Dancers take a different partner for each dance, and join a “set” of couples. Each couple dances a series of figures with another couple, then repeats the same figures with each couple in the set. There’s minimal footwork: If you can walk you can dance!

English Country Dance has been enjoyed by the likes of Jane Austen and Thomas Jefferson, and you are invited to join in the pleasures of this community social dance. Our repertoire includes dances popular in 1650 all the way up to dances written this year. Some are elegant, some rowdy, some romantic, some playful. Each dance has its own tune. Often the first thing that attracts people to English Country Dance is the splendid music. English Country Dance basics are easily learned and new people are welcome any time. You don’t need to bring a partner. The dance is free and open to the public. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, and flat shoes that won’t skid or stick on a wood floor. All dances are taught and called by Robert Campbell phone: 360-474-7588.

English Country Dance will satisfy your wish for an artistic outlet, pleasurable exercise, a warm social community and mental stimulation. You can see some examples of English Country Dance below.

View more videos of our dances here.

*See our Modern English Country Dance video links list. Dances from Pat Shaw (c. 1959) to 2016.  Our growing list now has links to videos of over 425 different MECD dances.

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